Mother Daughter Double Hitter Part 1 Kimmy Kimm Xander Corvus full video


Mother Daughter Double Hitter Part 1 Kimmy Kimm Xander Corvus

Xander, one of our favorite horny dudes, sneaks into Kimmy Kimm’s room for a bit of quick sex. Kimmy is studying for an important college class and doesn’t go for it initially… but she does let Xander start fingering her pussy, while she continues writing in her notebook. Xander transitions this into a free use handjob from Kimmy, while she continues working. After being interrupted and almost caught by Kimmy’s dad, the couple decide it’s now or never and fuck each other on Kimmy’s bed. Once Xander blows his load, he’s left to find his own way out of Kimmy’s house, while her dad is still lurking about.

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Mother Daughter Double Hitter Part 1 Kimmy Kimm Xander Corvus
Mother Daughter Double Hitter Part 1 Kimmy Kimm Xander Corvus

Little spinner Kimmy Kimm didn’t start out to do hardcore porn. This gorgeous, all-natural babe began with dressing her slender body in lingerie for some racy boudoir photos, and it unlocked a desire to be watched that only grew! Standing not even five feet tall, Kimmy is the perfect size to dress as the fresh-faced girl-next-door or model hot cosplay looks, and her captivating hazel eyes and pert booty make her just as appealing in nothing at all. This conscientious babe truly loves her fans, who have dubbed themselves the “Kimmunity,” and she makes sure to remind them to eat their fruits and vegetables in between treating them to her hot nudes on social media. See what naughty on-screen activity Kimmy will check off her list next in the scenes below.

Voluptuous and dirty-minded, Tokyo Leigh is oozing with sex appeal. Originally from Maui, Hawaii, the stacked MILF has a delicious bubble butt and can rock her curves like no other, preferring to flaunt her hot body by wearing the skimpiest of bikinis. During her college years, Tokyo would combine her writing abilities and sexual fervor by penning urban erotica stories. Now, the raven-haired nympho is living her fantasies for real in front of the camera! Besides her career in porn, inked-up Tokyo also works as a professional makeup artist and loves experimenting with the creative freedom it gives her, as well as the confidence it can bestow upon her clients. When the busty babe isn’t busy shooting smut, she enjoys spending time with her three dogs and baking up delicious treats in her kitchen. Check out beautiful Tokyo and her impressive triple-D bonanzas in the sexy scenes below!

Down-to-earth and an all-around easygoing guy, Xander Corvus likes playing video games and nerding out with his buddies when he isn’t busy rocking out with his cock out. Often cast in the nerdy, geeky and guy-next-door roles, he brings an air of authenticity to every role that just can’t be taught. Of course, if you get a rocker vibe from Xander, it’s for good reason: when he isn’t on his Xbox or pounding pussy, he’s singing in his metal band! Slim, with a signature unkempt charm, Xander is a favorite among girls and porn fans alike for his playful personality and peerless fucking technique, netting him the highly coveted AVN Award for Best Male Newcomer! So whether you like your guys approachably geeky or charmingly charismatic rock stars, you can have it all with Xander Corvus!

Date: October 21, 2022