Blowing Off Her Security Jennifer White Jack Vegas Zac Wild full video


Blowing Off Her Security Jennifer White Jack Vegas Zac Wild full video

Newbrazz Jennifer White is an adventurous socialite – sexy, seductive, and seeking any thrills or teasing men to brighten up her day. Exotic trips, casual hookups, raunchy parties. But with that comes some worry from her family, going so far as to hire bodyguards to make sure that when things get wild, she’s still safe. Even if that means keeping an eye on her when she’s being whisked away from her latest perverted escapade in nothing but her underwear. Today, Jennifer isn’t satisfied with just a quick exit. She wants to see if she can corrupt Zac Wild… Get him to cross the line from “protector” to “pussy pounder.” What more common fantasy is there for someone who has it all than daydreaming of being “taught a lesson,” put in her proper place; deep throating and riding cock until she earns that hot, thick load brazzers ads.

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Blowing Off Her Security, Jennifer White, Jack Vegas, Zac Wild

Blowing Off Her Security, Jennifer White, Jack Vegas, Zac Wild

Jennifer White Porn ads is a gorgeous brunette with big tits, a round ass, and a group sex fetish. From the time she randomly picked up six or seven guys in a club and took them home to have their way with her, to a 50-man gangbang, Jennifer has an addiction and can’t get enough dick. A self-described “Anal Warrior,” former slutty cheerleader Jennifer’s love for cock has earned her a staggering list of award nominations within the adult industry, and she has won over a dozen different awards, most of which are for her love for gangbangs and anal. Truly a complete nympho, Jennifer has a personal rule that she has to cum three times daily before she even gets out of bed. With those kind of rules governing her life, no wonder she’s one of the brightest, happiest pornstars around!

The fact that Jack Vegas gets to plow pussies of all ages doesn’t bother his wife, porn star Veronica Rayne, one bit. Tough-as-nails Jack was working as head of security in a club when they met. The two started filming amateur porn for fun. Those early scenes kicked off a successful career which Jack says is truly a labor of love. They now own the restaurant Oxygen Lounge in Tarzana, Los Angeles, and it’s like having a little slice of Vegas in LA County. He feels that the minor stresses of networking, taking care of his career, and maintaining his body are a very fair trade for the chance to fuck such hot women for the camera. Jack brings to his scenes exactly the kind of cool intensity you’d expect from a former club bouncer.

Zac Wild can’t help the fact that he knows how to make a pussy work, he just does! Some people figure it out, some people are born with it, and Zac was put on this Earth to smash pussy and do it in style – for the pleasure of adoring fans around the world! There’s no break, no slowdown, so mid-sex naps. When Zac walks into a steamy scene, he’s in it for the long haul, putting his huge cock to work with the dedication and care of a gentleman lover.

Date: October 23, 2023